Improved the system of public administration


Main indicators

  • There was no concept document on this issue

Results of the implementation of the Concept of Administrative Reform adopted in the Republic of Uzbekistan:

  • 10 new ministries and departments have been created
  • 110 ineffective interdepartmental collegial bodies were eliminated
  • 6 state functions have been transferred to the private sector
  • corporate governance and financial audit systems have been implemented in 39 state-owned enterprises
  • The decision-making process in socio-economic issues was excessively centralized
  • 26 centralized functions have been transferred to local state authorities

In particular:

  • 6 functions in the areas of local budget execution, investment and construction were transferred to the khokims
  • 2 functions in the areas of taxation and investment were transferred to the mahalla committees
  • 18 functions in the fields of tourism, education, housing construction, small industrial zones, veterinary medicine, ecology, drinking water, retail trade, public catering, medicines and real estate have been transferred to the territorial bodies of state administration

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