The public services delivery system has been improved, reduced the excessive bureaucracy


Main indicators

  • Such a practice did not exist
  • Public Services Agency (205 Local public service centers, 115 branches in remote areas) was created
The range of public services provided under the “One Stop Shop” principle has been increased by 10 times
  • 16 types of public services were provided only for business entities
  • 157 types of public services have become available to both legal entities and individuals
The number of documents required for obtaining public services has been reduced by 2 times
  • 167
  • 79
The terms of obtaining public services were reduced by 45% (days)
  • 499
  • 271
  • More than 100 types of licenses and more than 200 permits were used
  • 85 types of licenses and 103 types of permits were canceled

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