Intensive work on the effective protection of human rights was carried out


Main indicators

  • In connection with the noted violations in the field of human rights, Uzbekistan's application for membership in this Council was not accepted
  • Uzbekistan is elected as a member of the UN Human Rights Council
  • This institution did not exist
  • A parliamentary commission on compliance with the international obligations of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of human rights has been established
  • No normative legal acts on the prevention of torture have been adopted at the level of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • 5 decrees and 5 decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted

There were penalties ranging from 5 to 8 years' imprisonment

  • Article 235 of the Criminal Code strengthens the liability for the use of torture
Penalties range from 7 to 10 years' imprisonment
  • Not existed
  • in 2017, the Republican Interdepartmental Commission for the Prevention of Offenses and Combating Crime was established
  • By-laws governed the activities of law enforcement agencies
  • For the first time, the Law "On Internal Affairs Bodies" was adopted
In the past short period, 9 laws, 10 presidential decisions, 72 government decisions and 135 interdepartmental documents have been adopted to improve the work of the internal affairs agencies
  • Not existed
  • A new system based on the principles of "Makhallya – sector – people's reception – makhalla" and "Prosperous and safe makhalla" has been introduced. Based on this system, the practice of "courtyard" analysis of crimes and division into 3 categories ("red", "yellow", and "green") is established
  • The practice of "courtyard" analysis of crime levels did not exist
  • 12.1% in 2017
  • 25.5% in 2018
  • 33.7% in 2019
  • in 2020, no crimes were committed in 49% of makhallas
  • This practice did not exist
  • Interdepartmental coordination groups composed of representatives of the Ministries of Internal Affairs, Makhalla and Family Support, as well as the National Guard, have been established to study the causes of crimes in a "courtyard." manner
  • Previously, a prevention inspector worked in 2 or more makhallas in remote areas of the country
  • Each makhalla has at least one prevention inspector, who acts as deputy chairman of the makhalla for law and order
As a result, the number of prevention inspectors working in makhallas increased from 7,299 to 9,875
  • Not existed
  • In the internal affairs agencies, 363 posts of women's affairs inspectors have been created in crime prevention, and women's affairs units have been established in the internal affairs agencies
  • 60 points
  • 73 checkpoints
  • 29 points (reduced by 2 times)
  • 30 checkpoints (reduced by almost 2.5 times)
  • This system did not exist
  • The procedure for granting citizenship to stateless persons who have been living in Uzbekistan for 15 years has been introduced
  • Stateless persons for many years could not obtain Uzbek citizenship
  • As a result of the improvement of the system for obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan, about 70,000 persons were able to get citizenship of Uzbekistan automatically
  • No separate institute existed
  • The institution of the Commissioner for Children's Rights of the Oliy Majlis has been established
  • No separate commissions existed on this issue
  • Commissions on the family, women and youth have been established in the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis
  • Not existed
  • A Youth Parliament has been established in the chambers of the Oliy Majlis
  • The state fee was levied in a general manner
  • The practice of exemption from the payment of state duty when filing claims in the courts has been introduced to protect the interests of children
The state fee is not charged for the consideration of applications for the recognition (establishment) of paternity, the establishment of the facts of the birth of a child at a particular mother, the time of birth
  • No such legal mechanism existed
  • Children who have reached the age of 14 have the right to sue for alimony from their father or mother
  • The participation of a legal representative was not mandatory
  • Mandatory participation of a legal representative in the filing of charges and interrogation of a minor
  • Not existed
  • More than 200 innovative schools created
  • Mechanisms for the implementation of gender equality were not regulated by law
  • 2 laws, 6 decrees and decisions of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and more than 15 types of other by-laws adopted
  • Nobody was implementing a unified state policy in the field of gender equality
  • A commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan on gender equality has been established
Ensuring all conditions for women to fully realize their opportunities has been raised to the level of state policy
  • Not existed
  • Separate Committee on Women and Gender Equality established in the Senate
  • 17
in 2015 – 17 people
  • 24
in 2020 – 24 people
increased by 29%
  • 24
in 2015 – 24 people
  • 48
in 2020 – 48 people
increased by 50%
  • The practice of developing such a reserve did not exist
  • A reserve of more than 6,000 active women has been formed
  • Not existed
  • 197 rehabilitation centres for women have been established
  • Not existed
  • since 2019, the procedure for issuing a "Protection Order" has been introduced
to date, more than 8.4 thousand orders have been issued
  • Not existed
  • The Institute of the Commissioner for the Protection of Rights and Legitimate Interests of Entrepreneurs (Business Ombudsman) under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan was established
  • Not existed

The total number of applications of entrepreneurs received by the Business Ombudsman exceeded 13.4 thousand, based on which:

  • 3,613 measures have been applied in the interests of entrepreneurs
  • 930 responsible persons were brought to disciplinary responsibility, and 1,513 officials were brought to administrative responsibility
  • 1,034 illegal decisions (documents) of state and supervisory bodies were cancelled
As a result of claims to the courts, 95.1 billion soums were entities recovered in favour of business entities
  • Not existed
  • The Supreme Court has formed a judicial staff to deal with investment disputes and competition cases
As a result, 5-6 months of wandering through various judicial instances were prevented and all investors' problems were solved within the framework of one court
  • There was no moratorium on inspections of business entities
  • As a result of the introduction of the moratorium on carrying out checks of subjects of business for the past period, the number of business people increased twice and reached 400 thousand people
  • There were all types of inspections, including all alternative types of inspections of the activities of business entities, including within the framework of criminal cases
  • Cancelled
  • Not existed
  • A unified system for electronic registration of inspections has been introduced, mandatory registration of all checks in this system has been established
  • Not existed
  • Entrepreneurs are allowed to receive information about the inspection carried out at their request using a short message (SMS) at the number 4064 and a special Telegram-bot (tekshiruvinfo_bot)
  • Not existed
  • The platform "BOSIM.UZ" (Secret Interactive Address to the Business Ombudsman) has been created, which allows you to report on corruption actions anonymously and corruption barriers faced by entrepreneurs in their activities

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