The number of secondary schools in the public education system has increased


Main indicators

  • in 2016 – 9,680 units
  • 10,008 units
(328 new schools established)
  • There was no single electronic system that united schoolchildren
  • The system, which 1.5 million pupils use, has been implemented
  • 0.1% in 2000
(total number of schools – 97 units)
  • 71%
(total number of schools – 7,150 units)
  • in 2012-2016 – in 1,439 schools
  • Construction and repair works were carried out in 2,965 schools
  • No such document existed
  • An outline for the development of the national education system of the Republic of Uzbekistan up to 2030 has been adopted. Following the concept, the strategic goals of the national education system are defined as follows: innovative development of the economy in the system of general education, creation of opportunities for obtaining quality education following international best practices and modern requirements of society; development of human capital as the main factor determining the level of competitiveness of students in the labour market and in the country as a whole
  • This practice has been abolished
  • 11-year compulsory education system introduced
  • No such document existed
  • “Presidential and creative schools” established

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