The number of research institutions has increased in the system of the academy of sciences


Main indicators

  • in 2016 – 23 units
  • 34 units
(11 new research institutions established)
  • This practice did not exist
  • Pedagogical staff travelling to remote areas are paid a 50 per cent allowance and those working in other regions a 100 per cent allowance
  • Teachers' wages grew at a relatively low rate compared to other industry
  • Salary of teachers increased by 3.3 times
  • Teachers were required to participate actively in agricultural and landscaping work
  • Teachers exempted from non-professional work
  • teachers upgraded their qualifications every five years, and the management staff – every three years
  • Created an electronic platform for continuous professional education, through which teachers and managers constantly improve their skills with the help of various mobile devices at any time and anywhere
  • No such document existed
  • A Concept for the Development of the Higher Education System until 2030 has been adopted
  • No such document existed
  • The Concept of Science Development until 2030 was adopted
  • There was no such law
  • Law "On Science and Scientific Activity" was adopted
  • There was no such law
  • Law "On Innovation Activity" adopted
  • There was no such organization
  • Ministry of Innovative Development established
  • This practice did not exist
  • Funding for one project increased by 3.5 times
  • No such activity existed
  • 18 scientific organizations, 10 scientific centres, 4 technology parks, 1 foundation and 1 national venture fund, were established
  • This system did not exist
  • In 2018-2020, research and higher education institutions allocated 9.5 million US dollars for the purchase of 118 types of scientific laboratory equipment
  • This practice did not exist
  • 39 start-up projects financed for 35 billion soums

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