Special attention is paid to migration issues


Main indicators

  • Systematic work in the field of migration was not carried out
  • 403,000 migrants and their families received material, social and legal assistance
  • There was no such practice before
  • Migrant workers were provided with loans of up to 10 million soums at low rates for travel, patent and insurance costs.
  • Intergovernmental agreements on the organized sending of citizens to 3 states signed
  • Intergovernmental agreements on the organized sending of citizens to 23 states signed
  • There was no social protection system for migrants
  • 80 thousand migrants are insured with life and health insurance
  • This practice did not exist
  • The information system of the unified register of social protection is created, which includes more than 400 thousand families with more than 1.7 million members
  • The employment authorities have not developed new mechanisms to serve the unemployed, which has contributed to improving employment
  • For the first time in our country, several new important, active tools in employment have been introduced, and concrete results have been achieved
  • This practice did not exist
  • Every year, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan approves a State order for creation of new jobs. The resolution provides for the widespread introduction of small business and private entrepreneurship, ensuring the implementation of programs for the socio-economic development of the regions, the creation of free economic and small industrial zones, the creation of large-scale guaranteed opportunities and conditions for entrepreneurship

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