The international image of Uzbekistan strengthened


Main indicators

  • In connection with the noted violations in the field of human rights, the application of Uzbekistan for membership in this Council was not accepted
  • Uzbekistan is elected a member of the UN Human Rights Council
Global Firepower Index(GFP)
  • 54th out of 126 countries
  • Climbed to 51st place out of 140 countries
Corruption Perceptions Index
  • 156th place
  • Climbed to 146th place
Global Peace Index
  • 109th place
  • Climbed to the 103rd place
World Happiness Report
  • 49th place
  • Сlimbed to 38th place
Freedom in the World
  • 193rd place
  • Climbed to 189th place
Unemployment Index
  • 110th place
  • Climbed 101st place
Human Development Index
  • 114th place
  • Raised to 106th place
Worldwide Press Freedom Index
  • 166 place
  • Climbed to 157th place
Index of Economic Freedom
  • 165 place
  • Сlimbed to 108th place
Doing Business – 2020
  • 141st place
  • Climbed to 69th place
Global Innovation Index
  • 122nd place
  • Climbed to 93rd place
Global Hunger Index
  • 30th out of 130 countries
  • 56th out of 118 countries
Legatum prosperity index 2021
  • 106 place
  • Climbed to 97th place

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